Model 3142 & 3150

Dymetrol Suspension - Dymetrol dissipates the occupant's weight over the entire chair surface improving blood flow and increasing oxygen levels to tissues. Improved blood flow and increased oxygen levels improves concentration and productivity and decreases fatigue. Dymetrol conforms to the shape of each occupant, as it almost instantly bounces back to original shape when weight is lifted. No springs eliminates the chances of squeaky or flattened springs.

Replaceable Covers - Covers can wear, but our frames are virtually indestructible. Bring back that "brand new" look in minutes even after years 24/7 service. Covers can be held on by hook and loop and can be replaced in a matter of minutes.

Safety Casters - Smooth dual wheel design with spring action not to roll away unless there is weight in chair. Dual connection point eliminates rattle for a smooth roll.

All Steel Frame - Ten gauge steel maintains original tensile strength and rigidity over years of 24/7 heavy duty use.

Adjustable Armrests - No tools required to adjust. You can choose style, width and height for customized comfort, security and support. Swing arm style will swing out of the way from a seated position without tools.

Warranty - (See separate warranty for details) Chair is covered by a 6 year parts only warranty that includes all normal wear and tear. Chair is covered by a 10 year warranty that includes all manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship. Weight limit is 550 lb. in a multi-shift environment.
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